Seeking a Pro Bono* Position in a Transit Dance Video


I am seeking a pro bono* position in a transit dance video. I intend to use my multimodal excitement to raise awareness, excitement, and ridership of American transit systems. Please contact me if you are in need of someone who can learn dance steps on bus steps. Let’s make transit more visible, safer, and more fun!


DanceBlue, University of Kentucky Dance Marathon

Lexington, KY

February 2013

I’m the one in the white.

Actually, I may have been wearing blue. We’d been dancing for 23.5 hours at point.

UK DanceBlue 2013

Purdue Night Train Swing Dance Club

West Lafayette, IN

August 2013 – December 2014

If you didn’t get a great sampling of my individual skill from DanceBlue, the following video shows my full repertoire of lindy hop moves and my ability to seemingly read them off the ceiling.

Lindy Hope Demo - Purdue University


  • Well-versed at managing life with awkward arms
  • Experience at walking on beat for minutes at a time
  • Ability to provide vision for groups of people though bus windows


I consider the following two videos required viewing for all participants in my future transit dance videos.

Silver Line Opening

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The guy who opens the video inspires me. His energy walking down a suburban street to a train is infectious. I’m moving my shoulders like that right now. You too?

Let’s match (or exceed) this.

Silver Line Ad

Virgin American Safety Video

The airline formerly known as Virgin America

My own flight on Virgin, I was literally grinning ear-to-ear the five minutes before the boarding door closed and the following video is the reason why. I’m not sure whether I love the lyrics or choreography more. ”So tonight, get ready to fly, cuz we’re gonna live it on up in the sky”? Genius.

I know this isn’t public transit, but they move people and this video moves me. I hope the Alaskan Airlines’ dancers are stretching and their choreographer is being inspired as we speak.

Let’s match (or exceed) this.

Virgin America Safety Video


If you are a transit agency producing promotional media, contact me and we’ll talk.

If you are an enthusiastic transit rider, let’s brainstorm.

Either way, see you on the rails.

  • The pro bono part is negotiable.
Written on April 18, 2016